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Oh Boy!!

So much goes on during the Christmas Season.... and before that we were moving in to our new home (shortly before Thanksgiving)... My cat passed away two days after we officially moved in and had his shots updated.... Thanksgiving happened and the place became a mess again...we got half our stuff from storage organized and the baby decided to "reorganize"... The apartment complex charged us extra for clean up... I honestly believe those places set you up... they give you the cheapest crappiest stuff that looks nice when you first move in; but isn't built for everyday life... and then they charge they top of the line price to replace the crap they buy to actually replace it... The last place we rented hosed us like that(before we bought the house we moved out of 6 months ago), as well. We have other, more pressing bills that are justified... the apartment complex will have to wait their turn, creditors on no creditors.... The baby helps clean, then destroys things when you least expect it...trying to help (either us or herself). Sometimes, I wonder why I bother. But, I plug along with the help of others in the household, and off the love the family does give me... even at my grumpiest.
cuteness, infancy

R.I.P. Tabasco Sunshine

My kitty cat passed away on Sunday, the 19th.... I'm still sad about it in the back of my mind... When I have quiet moments I think about what I might have done to spare his life... or was it even possible to do so =0( At least I have my family... I have friends, too; but, with moving and working on the trailer ahead of moving... I haven't really talked to family much, even, except my household. At least I have them... Amanda's getting situated well in her new class and I'm not quite sure Zoë knows what to make of the cat's disappearance... I made a slide show tribute on the MySpace profile...if you aren't already an added friend, you can look it/me up by e-mail address under my hotmail address.

azumanga daioh anime

I didn't post this to YouTube; but, I own the whole box set, thanks to my sweetheart......

This is one of my husband's favorite selling points for buying me the rest of the videos... Osaka has a southern voice because people from Osaka speak slower than they do in Tokyo and Osaka is supposedly comparable to Texas (economy and lifestyle wise) according to the notes that came with our DVD copy.