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Oh Well,That's Life!

This is part of an e-mail to a freind of mine I sent today...but, this proclamation to my soul, my ego, and my husband occurred early last month or late July.

I've given up on driving for now and maybe at all; because, everytime I've had an incident (two or three times), I blacked out for a second... I have decided my own chemical deficiency, dependant on (generic)synthroid, causes me to not think fast enough on the road, to be a safe driver... I can make split 30 second decisions; but, not split second decisions. And my old doctor said that those without a thyroid gland take a little longer for the brain to register things than those with a thyroid gland... I didn't think of it much until the third time I blanked out when Mike took me driving... Fortunately we just popped a tire because I ran into the curb; but, Zoe was with us and it could have been a lot worse. I used to be so irritated and vexed because I hadn't obtained a liscense yet. Now, I believe it was for the best.... my ego is a little wounded still; but I'll come to terms with it someday, feeling better about my decision to be safe for myself and those around me.... it doesn't make me an idiot because I didn't accomplish a simple goal most everyone does... it made me smart for recognizing it and coming to terms in swallowing my tremendous pride.

Tags: humility, hypo-thyroidism, life lessons, pride

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