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Tons of things going on...or, at least, it feels like it. We are buying a manufactured home (whatever, it was born the same year I was, it's a mobile home). It's going to make our living costs a lot cheaper... and we have more freedom, plus less than half the price per month for lot rent VS our apartment rent. Zoe is driving me crazy and getting over stuff as I get hit with it and try to rest up before it hits me, that leaves me with a bigger mess to clean afterward, and rest up from that. We are working on finding the right home based work opportunity and their wanting to work with us; but, everything is on hold while waiting to finish the deal on the mobile home. Zoe has fallen asleep in the mesh hamper she was playing, I'm going to take this opportunity to clean... I can't have a good time for myself when the place looks like a Tazmanian angel hit it; because she does, non-stop (until she collapses)...I want to sleep, too...but, Ican't sleep in peace or have alone time in peace without feeling guilt, or forgetting all about the apartment and feeling bad about it later... I need a break. I took a two hour walk with Zoe yesterday, which was nice; but, my head and body paid the price... though it also felt spa good for a few hours after the walk. I need the peaceful view I'll have when we move. I walked from the apartment to the mobile home park... it's much nicer to walk over there.
the next time I post an entry is undetermined, I'm needing to take care of life, with not much time to tell it's story.
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