similoraine (similoraine) wrote,

R.I.P. Tabasco Sunshine

My kitty cat passed away on Sunday, the 19th.... I'm still sad about it in the back of my mind... When I have quiet moments I think about what I might have done to spare his life... or was it even possible to do so =0( At least I have my family... I have friends, too; but, with moving and working on the trailer ahead of moving... I haven't really talked to family much, even, except my household. At least I have them... Amanda's getting situated well in her new class and I'm not quite sure Zoë knows what to make of the cat's disappearance... I made a slide show tribute on the MySpace profile...if you aren't already an added friend, you can look it/me up by e-mail address under my hotmail address.
Tags: cats, mourning, moving, pets

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